1-on-1 Sessions and Virtual Coaching

1-on-1 Training Sessions

Private 1-on-1 training sessions are a great way to maximize your time…and your investment. Typically we can accomplish more in a 4-hour session as we can in a full-day group course. But the most important thing is that the training is tailored specifically to you and your needs. We begin with a phone call ahead of the training day to discuss where you currently are and what your goals and desires are. I will craft a plan based on our call. At the beginning of the training session we will do a live-fire assessment. Then we will build off of that as we work our way through the training plan. We will set you up with a personal development plan that you can then follow in your own future practice and training sessions.

Private training sessions are available in or near the Denver, CO area, or attached to another group training course in other locations. If you'd like to set up a private 1-on-1 training session, please send me a message using the contact form.


  • 4-hour session – $400
  • Full-day session – $700
  • 2-day session – $1200

Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching sessions are a great scalable way to get personal, focused feedback on your performance. This can come in a couple of forms:

  • Video of you shooting a drill or a stage that I can review and provide you recorded feedback
  • Video that we can review together and talk through it step-by-step
  • Dry-fire session together where I can observe and provide feedback on not only technique-related things but ways you can improve and increase the efficiency of your dry-fire practice


  • Recorded feedback (up to 10 minutes in length) on a single submitted video of you shooting a drill or stage – $25
  • 30-minute live feedback session on a single video we review together – $40
  • 30-minute live dry-fire session via Zoom – $40
  • Scalable and customizable virtual coaching sessions of any type, billable at $75/hour or $40/half-hour
  • Ask me about multi-session plans for a discount!

If you're interested in setting up a Virtual Coaching session, please send me a message using the contact form.