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3-Day Practical Pistolcraft Workshop

June 7 @ 8:00 am June 9 @ 6:00 pm

Riley Bowman-Tim Herron-AJ Zito-Reduced

This very exclusive class is a comprehensive exploration of concepts, foundations and skills that make a well-rounded practical shooter. Three masterful instructors will coach each student throughout a variety of skills development, to include:

  • Recoil management and visual awareness
  • Trigger control and speed improvement
  • Target transitions
  • Application of “throttle control”
  • One-handed shooting skills development
  • Efficient movement and footwork
  • Entries and exits
  • Shooting on the move
  • Position blending
  • Stage breakdown/walkthrough/planning
  • Visualization guidance
  • Understanding balance of speed/accuracy

This 3-day workshop will be limited to a maximum of 24 students. Class size will be tailored to groups of 8 with each instructor, ensuring a very high quality student:coach ratio.

Days 1&2 have each group working with each individual instructor for blocks of specialized instruction and coaching throughout 2 days, ensuring quality time with all three coaches. We will conclude class on day two and commence building stages for a custom match for the entire class to shoot on day 3. After match setup on afternoon of day two, there will be further discussion with class on stage design, breakdown of elements, considerations for best efficiency and strategies for success!

There will also be dinner provided for class on evening of day 2. A guaranteed great time with great fellowship!

Morning of day 3 will have each group of 8 shooters rotating through each stage as each instructor will be giving 1:1 feedback and coaching to each student. Over lunch, we’ll discuss and address strengths and deficiencies from our stage runs before breaking into different groups and working with each instructor again in the afternoon for further coaching in a match setting!


  • 1000 rds ammunition
  • Gun (back up pistol recommended)
  • 4-5 magazines
  • Belt/holster/magazine pouches
  • Ear/eye pro
  • Typical range gear associated for a weekend on the range

Tim Herron Shooting LLC

Stanley, New Mexico 87056 United States + Google Map

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